I believe loving the way you look in photos boosts confidence, and that you deserve beautiful photographs of yourself.

“I hate getting my picture taken. I don’t think I’m photogenic.” Sound familiar? I work on Martha’s Vineyard as a full-time photographer of weddings and portraits. I hear this everyday from my clients.

For five years, I have been refining 10 tricks to make people look AWESOME in photographs, and it is time to share my tricks with the world!

Camera Confident is an online program that teaches 10 tricks that you can utilize in the last five seconds before the shutter button is clicked to ensure you look the way you feel: happy, beautiful and 100% YOU.



I have a lot of joy to share. I approach projects with youthful, positive and sunshiny energy — infusing mega-passion and my zest for life into every little morsel of an idea.

I wanted to share this aura of mine with more than just 100-or-so clients each year. My 10 tricks change people’s lives — seeing an AWESOME photo of yourself can boost your confidence and wash self-image insecurities away.

My close friend Melissa was the straw that broke the camel’s back — Melissa’s daughter is getting married this year. She messaged me wanting to know how she could feel more confident in front of the camera. She didn’t want to look awkward in her daughter’s wedding photos. She wanted to look the way she felt — excited, joyful and proud.

I was sure there was some kind of class out there that she could take, but there was nothing I could confidently recommend. This was my sign from the universe, "MAKE THIS TRAINING — SHARE YOUR GIFTS!"




Ten trainings (the tricks, in video, audio and text format):

  • Trick #1: Goodbye Double Chin!
  • Trick #2: Picture Posture
  • Trick #3: Wide-No-More
  • Trick #4: Just Don’t Do This…
  • Trick #5: Hands, HERE.
  • Trick #6: Secret to Sunshiny Spectacles
  • Trick #7: Only you will know this is happening…
  • Trick #8: You’re Doing it Right Now!
  • Trick #9: Smiling Naturally, or NOT.
  • Trick #10: NPR’s Nancy Aronie

Five bonus trainings that will take you from camera-ready to CAMERA CONFIDENT!

  • BONUS #1: How to pose in a seated position.
  • BONUS #2: How to pose with other people.
  • BONUS #3: Hair, Makeup and Wardrobe with Kristen Araujo
  • BONUS #4: Why hire a pro?
  • BONUS #5: Flashcards!!

Unlimited e-mail support throughout the program.




Camera Confident is for almost* everyone! Moms, grandmas, businessmen, teenagers, if people take photos of you, candid or posed, Camera Confident is for YOU! This would be a great intro to posing subjects for photographers too!

*Camera Confident is NOT for those looking to learn in-depth posing/modeling techniques. The 10 tricks you will learn are quick-and-easy to digest: simple, straight to the point and most importantly replicable